Acrostic Poems

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Special Theme

Panthers growl,
Orioles sing,

Eagles soar,
Monkeys swing.


Book Titles

THE mermaid lived in an
OLD boat under the waves, where no
MAN swam, only dolphins
AND giant squid. She often watched
THE waves roll and sang haunting
SEA chanties all night long.




Up high
Trying my best
I like to dive


Halloween is dark and gloomy,
 And a scary trick or treat,
Lots of children scaring adults,
Lovely costumes to wear,
On the table a scary pumpkin,
 White ghosts all round,
Eek a witch by a cauldron,
Enough of all the costumes, they are scary,
Night time is scary on Halloween.

By Becky.


Bats dark as the night
As they fly
Teeth are sharp

by Drake


Does any one realize all the
Ridiculous things
Actors and actresses
Must endure before hearing the
- - - - - Allison C.

Going for the gold
You know you
Not win. Those endless hours
At the gym
Starting your body to work hardest.
The excitement and nerves at the meet; the joy when you land on your feet.
It's hurry and do your home work; it's eating your supper in the
Car. It's the love of the
Sport and the Olympic dream.
- - - - - Kara C.

Edgar Allan Poe

Eerie stories and poems
Decorate our imagination. Both
Good and evil
Are challanged along with

Love and insanity
Lurk through the pages and
Anthologies. You will
Never know what is to happen next.

Problems of murder and mystery,
Oddities and wonderment are
Expressed with such peculiarity only he could acheive.
- - - - - Christina M.

Tumbling through the air
Ready to become
Air born at any
Moment, feeling the springs
Puch you up
Over and around again and again
Light as a feather
Instantly rebounding,
Naturally full of
- - - - - LauraF.

After an extensive winter
Pretty tulips
Rise from the once
Icyground bringing fresh signs of
- - - - - Ashley A.

Staring down at us
Through the night
Always there
Right up in the sky
Like a heavenly light burning
Inside you
Guiding you
Home when all
The other ways fail.
- - - - - Bridgette K.

C reamy or
H ot, it makes my mouth scream
O n and on
C hocolate, chocolate
O h, yum
L uscious chocolate, I can't believe I
A te it all. It
T ickles my throat
E ach time I eat it, mmm oh I love chocolate.
- - - - - Rebecca S.

F anciful colors
L ovely colors
O verflowing
W ith blossoms, green leaves, and long stems.
E veryone appreciates how they brighten up a room.
R eaching out to the world
S aying hello !
- - - - - Lisa D.


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